What you'll need:

1) Double-sided tape
2) Command strips (for smooth walls) or Joe's Sticky Stuff (for rough or uneven ones)
3) The two strips of aluminum that come with your print
4) A hard, clean floor
5) At least two people. Three is best.

General tips:

Try to avoid crumpling the vinyl. As with paper, it can leave lasting marks. Unlike paper, however, vinyl will "relax" back into its original shape over time. You can speed up the process by gently applying heat with a blow dryer.

If your print gets dirt or scuff marks on it, a Magic Eraser does wonders.


1. To start, peel the red protective film off the aluminum strips.

2. Attach double-sided tape along one side of each aluminum strip. A series of shorter strips is probably easiest:

3. Unroll your print so that the printed side faces down.

4. Attach the aluminum strips to the back of the print, one along the top edge and one along the bottom. The aluminum is bendy, so it's easiest to do this with three people.

5. Attach Command strips, evenly spaced, along the aluminum strip you just attached to the top of the print (four pairs is enough to hold it). If your wall is textured or uneven, use Joe's Sticky Stuff instead. You can also use your double-sided tape for this part if you're not worried about damage to the wall.

6. Peel off the backing from the Command strips or the Sticky Stuff and attach your print to the wall.

7. Step back and admire your work!