My name is Ben Kolesar. I'm a designer based in Washington DC.

Six years ago, when we were both art students, my friend Eugene Korsunskiy snuck into our school's computer lab and printed out the entire Bible on a long strip of paper. I'd been in love with the Bible for years, but this was the first time I'd seen all of it at once and the experience was strangely powerful.

I woke up one morning a few years later knowing that I wanted to share that experience with as many people as possible. With Eugene’s blessing I spent the next year and a half seeking out the printer, design, and materials that would do this idea justice.

The result is the One Page Bible.


For the a minimalistic look, go with the all-black text of our traditional print. If you want something with a bit more visual texture, you can choose our red letter verson. It uses red ink for every word spoken by the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit in both the Old and New Testaments.

With the right tools and a couple of friends, installing your One Page Bible is easy.

Each print comes with a 3-inch black metal frame that uses springs to hold your Bible taut and will keep it looking museum-quality for years to come. You can see an overview of how to install it here.


We use the King James translation for the beauty of its poetry and prose and because of its unrivaled impact on history, literature, and the English language. Writers and critics, from the most devout to the most secular, agree that it's a masterpiece — the most influential translation of history's most influential book. In the words of the critic Harold Bloom, it sits at "the sublime summit of literature," and as The New York Times has said, "you can hear its distinctive cadences in the speeches of Lincoln, the poetry of Whitman, and the novels of Cormac McCarthy."


I designed the One Page Bible to give people a new and visceral experience of scripture. For me, that meant letting the words speak for themselves. The print contains no book titles, chapter breaks, or verse numbers — just the unadorned text in a single straight-edged column, surrounded by a three-inch border. The only graphical elements are small dots between each book and each psalm.

The words are printed in Minion, an elegant but unobtrusive typeface that's known for its readability even at a small scale. You probably won't want to read the whole Bible this way, but if you can read "In God We Trust" on a quarter, you'll find the text perfectly legible.

We use a smooth, recyclable vinyl that's specially engineered to hang flat. It won't warp or curl over time and it has a matte finish that eliminates glare. The text is slightly raised, allowing you to feel the words beneath your fingers. As one customer said, "It's like feeling the truth!"


Over 2,000 verses of the Bible speak to the needs of the poor and vulnerable. Part of our response is to give at least 10 percent of the money we make from our prints to churches and organizations that assist homeless and low-income neighbors. Our particular focus is Washington DC, one of America's most economically divided cities.


If you have questions about the One Page Bible that aren’t answered here, please contact us.


$500 with hanging clips

$800 with frame (total dimensions, 88 by 88 inches)


International shipping • $75 to Canada or Mexico
• $150 to Europe
• Shipping elsewhere? Contact Ben for a quote
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